Moo0 ImageViewer SP


Much more than just a simple image viewer


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Moo0 imageViewer SP’s main purpose, as its name indicates, is to let you view pictures. But there are other things this interesting program has on offer, as well.

Without a doubt its most striking feature is the one to instantly apply filters to any image. Just right-click on one and choose the most appropriate filter (increase sharpness, convert to greyscale, tidy image, etc.).

Another interesting option lets you take screenshots both of the entire screen or just of a single window. The only thing you need to do is right-click and choose the option you want. To capture a single window simply click on it and the image will be copied straight to Moo0 ImageViewer SP.

Moo0 ImageViewer SP works as an image viewer, an improvised editor, and a screenshot tool, making it an excellent application if you want to slim down the number of programs installed on your computer.

30-day trial version.

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